Monday, June 29, 2009

Asian Youth Games - go on

Lingting the Games

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong declared the Games open

Malaysian Tigers - The 109-strong Malaysian contingent withdrew from the games due to H1N1 concerns, but two members from the sailing team who were already in Singapore will continue to compete.


Malaysian Contingent with OCM President & OCM Sec. Gen.

Malaysian Contingent at AYG 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SEA Games "Its time for Malaysia to go 1000 - up in GOLD medals"

Malaysia sport has gone places in the past decade in a way which few would have imagined possible when the first eager steps towards an Olympic Games debut were taken in 1956.

The first Olympic held in the southern hemisphere in Melbourne, Australia, that year started Malaysia (Malaya) on the great and exciting adventure of international sport.

Malaysians have carried their flag far and wide across the globe. From everywhere the reports have been good. Malaysian teams have always conducted themselves with dignity, often with distinction.

Malaysian Contingent at the Opening Ceremony, Bangkok 1959

From the first edition in Bangkok 1959 till the 24th edition Korat 2007 SEA Games, Malaysia already successful won with total 913 GOLD medals.

The need at Vientiane 2009, 25th edition of SEA Games will be 87 GOLD medals to reach the new levels of achievement of Malaysia in SEA Games.

Winning medal, 1st SEAP Games Bangkok 1959

Gold, Silver & Bronze medal, 24th SEA Games Korat 2007.

Perhaps there will be some magic in numbers, a thrilling coincidence. The possibility has added spice and purpose to Malaysia's preparations for the Games.

If the Tan Sri Tunku Imran, who is president of the Olympic Council of Malaysia, is present to see the 1000th GOLD medal being won and is invited to perform the rostrum ceremony, it will be a great moment in Malaysian sports history.

Malaysian Contingent at the Opening Ceremony, 24th SEA Games Korat 2007.

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"Menteri Belia dan Sukan mahu jagoan negara terpilih nanti beraksi dengan komitmen tinggi memburu pingat emas walaupun difahamkan edisi kali ini menggugurkan banyak acara yang sebelum ini menjadi lubuk emas buat kontinjen negara."
Berita Harian - 18 Jun 2009

87 GOLD... Possible or not?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Anugerah SAM 2009

Conratulations Dato' Lee Chong Wei...


Pemain badminton nombor 1 dunia ini telah menunjukkan prestasi menakjubkan sepanjang tahun 2008 dengan muncul juara pada Kejohanan Super Series Terbuka Malaysia untuk kali ke empat berturut-turut selain menjadi juara di empat Kejohanan Super Series iaitu Terbuka Singapura, Macau, Jepun dan China.

Pencapaian paling cemerlang Dato’ Lee Chong Wei pada tahun 2008 ialah memenangi pingat perak di Sukan Olimpik Beijing 2008. Sehingga sekarang dia masih mengungguli ranking utama dunia yang digenggamnya sejak Ogos 2008.


Keunggulan Dato. Nicol Ann David dengan kejayaannya mengekalkan ranking utama dunia sehingga sekarang dalam acara skuasy meletakkannya sukar digugat.

Pada tahun2008 dia meraih kejayaan yang cukup menakjubkan dengan memenangi sepuluh kejuaraan professional termasuk kejuaraan dunia di samping membantu pasukan wanita negara menduduki tangga ke 3 pada Kejohanan Skuasy berpasukan dunia.


Pelumba bertubuh kecil berusia 21 tahun ini berasal dari Terengganu.

Pemuda yang sedang menggoncang dunia dengan henjutannya dalam acara Keirin dan Sprint ini semakin bertenaga.

Di pentas Olimpik Beijing 2008, Azizul Hasni terbukti telah memberikan saingan yang cukup hebat kepada pelumba-pelumba handalan dunia, terutama pelumba-pelumba terkemuka Eropah.

Kewibawaannya cukup menyerlah apabila dia membuktikan bahawa dia mampu menduduki tempat kelima pada setiap Kejohanan Dunia yang disertainya.

Beliau kini mengungguli ranking pertama dunia melalui acara Keirin setelah memenangi Kejohanan Trek Dunia di Beijing.


Bergu badminton wanita negara ini menjada kebanggaan negara setelah menduduki ranking kedua dunia bergu wanita yang merupakan catatan sejarah baru buat badminton wanita negara.

Pasangan negara ini berjaya menjuarai dua kejohanan utama pada 2008 iaitu Super Series Terbuka Denmark dan Super Series Masters Final.


Pemanah ini hampir mencipta sejarah pada Sukan Olimpik Beijing 2008. Di Sukan Olimpik itu, Chu Sian menghuni tangga ke 8 acara recurve.

Cheng Chu Sian turut memenangi pingat emas perseorangan dan perak berpasangan di Kejohanan Asia pertama yang berlangsung di Shenzhen, China.

Kini pemanah ini berada di kelompok ke 10 terbaik dunia.

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My invitation card... tq to SAM

Spain vs Malaysia - FIH MEN's JUNIOR WORLD CUP,11410,5213-0-151043-0-custom297383,00.jpg

Friday 12 June 2009

Spain draw Malaysia 3:3 (2:1)

In thelast preliminary round match in Johor Bahru, Spain took on the hosts from Malaysia in an all-or-nothing battle for who was going to join Korea in the medal round.

Spain had a slight advantage, as a draw would do for them, while Malaysia had to win, and they gave the Iberians a good scare early in the game when Faizal Saari netted in the 10th minute.

The European Champions remained unimpressed however, and turned the tables with a double hit about ten minutes later. They could then hold on to the lead for a good part of the match, and even extended the lead to two goals midway through the second half, but Malaysia, to the great delight of a once more absolutely packed stadium responded with a goal five minutes later.

Malaysia even scored the equalizer in the last ten minutes of the match, but it wasn't enough: the draw sees Spain through to the medal round, while Malaysia will be playing in the 9 to 16 bracket.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


In order to study certain subjects and make recommendations to the Executive Board, the President of the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) sets up specalised committees. Some of these are mixed, including OCM members, representatives of the National Sports Associations and the athletes, technical experts, advisers and sports specialists.

Berikut adalah rombakan tanggungjawab barisan kepimpinan baru MOM.

Jawatankuasa Pemilihan - Tunku Tan Sri Imran

Jawatankuasa Media - Tunku Tan Sri Imran

Jawatankuasa Perancangan Strategik - Datuk Dr M Jegathesan

Jawatankuasa Perubatan dan Doping - Datuk Dr M Jegathesan

Jawatankuasa Pengurusan - Datuk Roy Rajasingham

Jawatankuasa Penasihat Guaman serta Timbangtara dan Rundingan - Datuk Roy Rajasingham

Suruhanjaya Atlit - Profesor Dato Dr Zakaria Ahmad

Jawatankuasa Kewangan dan Pemasaran - Datuk Seri Kee Yong Wee

Jawatankuasa Wanita dan Sukan - Low Beng Choo

Jawatankuasa Am - Profesor Dato W Y Chin

Jawatankuasa Fasiliti dan Muzium MOM - Datuk A Sani Karim

Citius. Altius.Fortius.

"The Olympic Movement is not only the allocation and ruling of the Olympic Games. It is something throughout the world, which exists for 24 hours a day for every day of the year. It is something that can be good to all!"
The Lord Killanin - 6th IOC President

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Malaysia defeat USA with convincing 5:2

After a 5:2-victory over USA Malaysia kept their chances for the medal round. The hosts had a furious start into the match. After 90 seconds the ball was already in the goal of the USA. Muhd Izzat Mohd Rahim shot with the Argentinean backhand directly under the crossbar in the net.

The crowd exploded and kept yelling. Just a few minutes later Mohd Marhan Mohd Jalil was successful. Malaysia´s next attack could only be stopped by an US-player who saved the ball with his body on the goal line. Faizal Saari converted the following penalty stroke without any problems. USA was shocked to be already 0:3b ehind after ten minutes. But the hosts kept the pressure up and gained the 4:0, a nice deflection by Mohamad Shafiq Mohamad Zain.

After the convincing lead Malaysia gave the USA a chance get themselves organised. Malaysia did not play that consequently anymore which was penalized by US-boy Nicholas Szoke who scored for his team. To the end of the first half the stadium was that crowded that a lot of spectators watched from behind the fences on the street.,11410,5213-196500-151038-0-news,00.jpg

The start of the second half was a bit quiet. USA had two unsuccessful penalty corners and Malaysia´s attacks got more inefficiently as well. Around ten minutes before the final whistle USA came back with the 2:4, a penalty corner goal by Jed Cunningham.

To sum up Malaysia missed to score a few more goals which probably could have helped them if the medal-round ticket matter comes down to the goal difference with Spain or Korea in Pool C.

Malaysia v USA 5:2 (4:1)

1:0 Muhd Izzat MOHD RAHIM (FG), 2:0 Mohd Marhan MOHD JALIL (FG), 3:0 FaizalSAARI (PS), 4:0 Mohamad Shafiq MOHAMED ZAIN (FG), 4:1 Nicholas SZOKE (FG), 4:2 Jed CUNNINGHAM (PC), 5:2 Faizal SAARI (PC)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Korea defeat Malaysia 2:0 (1:0)

In a once more crowded stadium, the Malaysian team could not provide the delight of victory to their spectators today as they took on the powerful Koreans.

Korea could not quite overrun the home team as they did the US boys yesterday, but a pair of penalty corner goals was enough to seal the deal and raise Korea's tally to two wins in the competition.

A fifth minute Moon Kyu Kang hit gave Korea an early lead, and while they weren't able to run away with it, they did manage to secure and defend it. Halfway through the second half, Yun Sang Jeong added a second goal to finalize the score.

Fired up by the vocal crowd, Malaysia fought tooth and nail but could not get back at the Koreans, who head into the night as table leaders in pool C with a comfortable cushion of six points, while Malaysia sit in the middle of the table with one win and one defeat.

Malaysia defeat England 1:0 (1:0)

Malaysia concluded the first day of the Standard Chartered Bank FIH Men's Junior World Cup with a narrow win over England in a stadium filled beyond capacity, with spectators spilling onto the embankments and the street passing the venue to see the home team play.

In a competition of power against skill and speed, the initial fragile balance threatened to tip midway through the first half when Malaysia's Faizal Saari collected a yellow card, but only a little while later, Saari re-appeared from the sin bin to proclaim himself the man of the match, sinking a penalty corner for the encounter's lone goal.

England fought tooth and nail to even the score again but found the odds stacked against them. A goal down and closing in fast on total exhaustion, they couldn't find a way past their opponents, despite a number of opportunities including a few penalty corners that went unused.

To the great joy of the vocal crowd, the Malaysian hosts defended their lead until the final whistle, bagging three important points in the race for the top two spots in their pool.

England - Malaysia 0:1 (0:1)
MAS Faizal SAARI PC 29m






Abdul Hakim ADNAN (GK) 21
2 Khairil Anuar MD ISA 21
3 Ahmad Kazamarul NASRUDDIN 20
4 Mohd Sybrie SHAMSUDDIN 20
5 Mohd Nor Hafiq ABDUL GAFFAR 18
6 Mohd Marhan MOHD JALIL 19
7 Khee Hon WONG 20
9 Mohamad Shafiq MOHAMED ZAIN 21
10 Faizal SAARI 18
11 Muhd Izzat MOHD RAHIM 19
12 Muhamad Azammi ADABI 19
13 Harvinder Singh MAKKBUL SINGH 19
14 Nadesh RAMANATHAN 20
15 Mohd Noor Khairul Azra ADNAN 20
16 Mohd Asmawi ZAIDI (GK) 20
17 Mohd Jamil SAIDIN 21
18 Kavin Kartik GOVINDASAMY 17
19 Izwan Firdaus AHMAD TAJUDDIN 20

Off-Field Staff

Coach: Rajan KRISNAN

Assistant Coach: Rajendran BALAGURUSAMY

Manager: Mohd Johari ABDUL AZZIZ

Malaysia Sports News Today

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Olympic Day Run 2009

Come joint us for another year of fun in 2009 Olympic day Run!

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