Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dementieva Will Return For Malaysia Classic Tournament

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 29 (Bernama) -- After thrilling local tennis fans at the Showdown of Champion 2009 matches on Dec 19 and 20, world number five Elena Dementieva of Russia will return to Malaysia next year.

The 28-year-old Russian star, according to events organiser LD Sports Sdn Bhd, had confirmed her participation for the Malaysia Classics tournament.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 Year For Athletes To Excel

The new year 2010 will provide more opportunities for national athletes to excel in their sports.

4 multi-games have been lined up for these athletes to participate in, and named them as the 1st Youth Olympic Games Singapore 2010; the XIX Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010; the 16th Asian Games Guangzhou 2010 and the 2nd Asian Beach Games Muscat 2010.

"There are lots of opportunities for our athletes in every sport to compete at the highest level. So, there is no excuse for them for not working hard to become the best in Malaysia or in Asia or in the world,"

Besides the national sports associations, the state affiliates and schools were obliged to produce the future athletes.

"It is the responsibility of everybody and it is also a challenge for everybody to make the athletes to be the best in the state, in the country or in the world. We wouldn't have good national athletes if we don't have good state or school athletes.

"Now, we have to go back and see whether we have good school athletes first. Are there many of them or very few? Then, we go to the next stage. If there are really very good school athletes but there are no state athletes, then, there must be something wrong,"

And youth athletes should be given more opportunities to compete in local and international tournaments so that they can measure their strength and capability in their kind of sports, besides gauging their experience.

Majulah Sukan Untuk 1Malaysia.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sea Games - Football Final, MALAYSIA - VIETNAM

Malaysia hanya selangkah untuk menamatkan kemarau 20 tahun pingat emas acara bola sepak Sukan SEA.

Pada aksi separuh akhir Malaysia menundukkan tuan rumah, Laos 3-1 untuk menempah tiket ke perlawanan akhir.

Malaysia bakal berdepan Vietnam setelah juara Kumpulan A itu mudah menewaskan Singapura 4-1 pada satu lagi aksi separuh akhir.

Kali terakhir Malaysia memenangi pingat emas acara bola sepak ialah pada Sukan SEA 1989 di Kuala Lumpur apabila berjaya menewaskan Singapura 3-1 pada perlawanan akhir.

Rekod Pemenang Pingat Emas Sukan SEA...

1959 - Vietnam

1961 - Malaya

1963 - No Games

1965 - Burma & Thai ( Joint holders)

1967 - Burma

1969 - Burma

1971 - Burma

1973 - Burma

1975 - Thailand

1977 - Malaysia

1979 - Malaysia

1981 - Thailand

1983 - Thailand

1985 - Thailand

1987 - Indonesia

1989 - Malaysia

20 years ago...Football Gold medals at SEA Games 1989

Kali terakhir Malaysia memenangi pingat emas acara bola sepak ialah pada Sukan SEA 1989 di Kuala Lumpur apabila berjaya menewaskan Singapura 3-1 pada perlawanan akhir...

31 August 1989... The Final between Malaysia & Singapore was held @ the Stadium Merdeka at 7.30 p.m, just before the Closing Ceremony, Sea Games KL89. A capacity crowd of over 40,000 spectators withnessed a thrilling match which ended with Malaysia winning the GOLD medal with a score 3 - 1. The closing part of the first half and the whole of the second half was played in heavy rain.

31 August 1989... Malaysia (GOLD) Singapore (Silver) Indonesia (Bronze)

The 1989 Football Malaysian Tigers

Dato' Ahmad Basri (Team Manager)... and my my idol on that time Azizol Hj. Abu Haniffah.. Kejor Yeop Kejor!

Subadron Aziz... Dollah Salleh... Zainal Abidin Hassan!

Champions in the rain...!

Won the Cup... Medals... and Bunga Telur...!

1Malaysia F1 Team official driver lineup: Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen


After the long wait, Team Lotus F1 (or 1Malaysia F1 Team, as many Malaysians know it as) has finally announced its official driver lineup: Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen will race for the Malaysian backed team in the 2010 Formula 1 season!

Both drivers were in search of a race seat for 2010. Trulli, 35, is a seasoned veteran left without a drive after Toyota pulled out of the sport, while 28-year old Kovalainen was Lewis Hamilton’s teammate at McLaren, recently dropped and replaced by World Champion Jenson Button. Our own Fairuz Fauzy will be the team’s third and reserve driver, as suggested by team technical chief Mike Gascoyne earlier. Trulli should have a good working relationship with Gascoyne, who was Technical Director at Toyota.

In Trulli and Kovalainen, Lotus F1 has two highly experienced drivers that are no strangers to the podium, and we wish the team all the best for its maiden season.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Live from Vientiane!!! Malaysia vs. Laos

Malaysia (3) - (1)Laos

PEMAIN negara, Abdul Manaf Mamat (tengah) cuba melepasi pemain Laos, Keoviengphet Liththideth pada aksi separuh akhir semalam.

BADDROL (dua dari kiri) meraikan jaringannya ketika membantu Malaysia menewaskan Laos 3-1 dalam saingan separuh akhir, malam tadi.

MALAYSIA are on course to end their 20-year gold drought in the men’s SEA Games football competition when they sent host nation Laos packing 3-1 in the semi-finals last night.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sabaidee... from Laos

10.12.09 Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek sudi meluangkan masa melawat atlet-atlet Malaysia di perkampungan sukan

10.12.09 Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek melawat perkampungan sukan

9.12.09 Kontinjen Malaysia ...sebelum Acara Pembukaan

9.12.09 Sebelum Acara Pembukaan

8.12.09 Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek menyaksikan perlawanan Bola sepak Malaysia lwn Cambodia

8.12.09 Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek menyaksikan perlawanan Bola sepak Malaysia lwn Cambodia

8.12.09 Lawatan Ahli Lembaga Majlis Olimpik Malaysia ke Perkampungan Sukan

8.12.09 Majlis menaikkan Bendera

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kayuhan Jantung Ku

Kayuhan Jantung Ku will be held on December 13, 2009. This is a ride inspired by former Malaysian cyclist, Encik Shaharudin Jaafar, the first cyclist to win a cycling gold medal at SEA/ SEAP Games for Malaysia.

He achieved the feat during the 1965 Games.

As a heart patient, he underwent a heart by pass surgery this year and his deep passion for cycling inspired this ride in conjunction with World Heart Day.

Former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad has confirmed his attendance for this event. We seek your co operation to cover the above event.

Attached is the route of Kayuhan Jantung Ku which will begin/ end at Kelab Warga Emas Shah Alam, No 2 Jalan Pudina 24/ 39 A, Seksyen 24, 40200 Shah Alam.

p/s: Any further details please contact En Shaharudin 019 3466 206

Event Program

Route Map

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Team Thailand

Team Singapore

Japan Team

13th – 16th DECEMBER 2009

Hosted By





Showdown of Champions 2009 Kuala Lumpur Glam Slam

Sania Mirza will be the drawcard in the Showdown of Champions on Dec 19-20 at the Malawati Stadium in Shah Alam. The showdown will also feature China's Zheng Jie and Russian duo Elena Dementieva and Maria Kirilenko.

The tennis beauties will not only dazzle with their skills, but also with their attire.

This is the first time WTA Tour players will play an exhibition in Malaysia as the previous two years featured ATP stars.

World No 5 Elena is a seasoned campaigner on the tour, having won 16 WTA titles and also the gold medal in last year's Beijing Olympics while Maria, who was World No 18 last year, is a rising star.

Maria Kirilenko

Zheng Jie's prowess is in doubles and her most memorable year was in 2006 when she and Yan Zi won two Grand Slam titles (Australian Open and Wimbledon).

This year, she created history by becoming the first China player to reach the Wimbledon semi-finals.

Sania, who won the mixed doubles gold with Leander Paes in the 2006 Doha Asian Games, has won one singles and eight doubles titles on the WTA Tour.
Click HERE for more info!

Dear tennis fans,


TIME: 2.30pm-3.30pm

DATE: Dec 18, 2009.

VENUE : The Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Monday, December 7, 2009

Langsung dari LAOS!

CDM with the Scretariat in the NOC Malaysia Office

CDM with Sepak Takraw Team Manager

CDM with Football Coach

Click HERE for Team Malaysia Secretariat Contact info @ LAOS.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Live from Vientiane!!!

Click HERE for Team Malaysia Secretariat Contact info @ LAOS.

Boarding Air Asia flight AK612

Arrival in Laos

Games Village

Our Block

Sorry! this time no LIVE coverage from RTM, TV3 or Astro for SEA Games!!!

Undian Piala Dunia 2010!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

SEA GAMES - Team Malaysia Flag Handling Ceremony

Malaysia is sending 469 athletes and officials to the 25th SEA Games here, making it the fourth biggest contingent in the biennial meet which officially opens on Dec 9.

According to the Games organising statistics, Malaysia is sending 348 athletes and 121 officials to the Games.

Except for shuttlecock jiggling, muay thai, fin swimming and wrestling, Malaysia will take part in another 21 sports offered in Vientiane.

The sports are athletics, aquatics, archery, badminton, snooker & billiard, boxing, cycling, football, golf, judo, karate, sepaktakraw, shooting, table-tennis, taekwondo, tennis, volleyball, weighlifting, wushu, silat and petanque.

Majlis Penyerahan Jalur Gemilang Kontinjen Malaysia ke Sukan SEA Vientiane 2009.

Penyerahan Jalur Gemilang disempurnakan oleh Timbalan Menteri Belia & Sukan, Datuk Wee Jeck Seng kepada Chef de Mission, Datuk Dr Ramlan.

Diver Yeoh Ken Nee will be the flag bearer of the Malaysian contingent for the 25th SEA Games in Laos.

Selamat berjuang... MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

Zoom LAOS...

Sa Bai Dee!!!
Laos national attraction... kalau di KL macam KLCC laaa...
Selamat datang ke LAOS... kena belajar bahasa LAOS laa....
Podium pun dah siap... berapa ramai kah atlet2 Malaysia yang akan naik ke podium...?
View... sebelum masuk ke Perkampungan Sukan...
Perkampungan sukan yang dah sedia menerima atlet2 dari seluruh Asean....
On da way to Main Stadium...!

Malaysia ( 11 ) - ( 0 ) Timor Leste

Malaysia ( 11 ) - ( 0 ) Timor Leste

Thailand ( 1 ) - ( 1 ) Vietnam

Thailand sekadar seri 1-1 dengan Vietnam.

Jumaat ini, Thailand akan bertemu Kemboja manakala Vietnam bertemu Timor Leste sementara Malaysia diberi rehat... before taking on Vietnam on Sunday (4pm, Malaysian time).

Thursday, November 19, 2009

SAILING CALENDER 2010 - Local Malaysian Sailing Championship

  • 8th Royal Langkawi International Regatta 2010 - January 2010 8 -15
  • Ist Langkawi International Optimist Team Racing Championship 2010 - 06- 07 Feb
  • City Day Regatta - T.B.A
  • KFC-PSC International Regatta 2010 - 26 - 28 Feb
  • KEJOHANAN MSSM 2010 - 15- 21 MAC
  • KFC - Lumut Open Regatta 2010 - 16- 18 April
  • KFC-Johor Open Regatta 2010 - 30 April – 02 May
  • KFC-Selangor Open Regatta 2010 - 14-16 May
  • KFC-Melaka Open Regatta 2010 - 28-30 May
  • Melaka Invitation Team Racing - 7-8 Jun
  • SUKMA GAMES 2010 - 10 – 19 Jun
  • KFC -Putrajaya Sailing Regatta 2010 - 2 – 4 July
  • KFC-Tunku Laxamana / NSC Open Regatta 2010 - 16- 18 July
  • KFC-Merdeka Day Regatta 2010 - 24- 26 Sept
  • 2nd KFC -Terangganu Regatta 2010 - 8-10 Oct
  • RPDYC Regatta - November 14 – 16
  • ATM Open Regatta - T.B.A
  • Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta - November 13 - 21
  • KFC-MYA - MILO / NSC National Championships 2010 - 01-05 December
  • IODA WORLD SAILING CHAMPIONSHIP 2010 - 27 December TO 07 Jan 2011

For more info! Contact;

c/o Regency Tanjung Tuan Beach Resort,
Batu 5, Jalan Pantai ,
71050 Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan Darul Khursus,
Fax : +606-6463890

Kempen RM1 Selamatkan Bolasepak Perak!

Moh YEOP! YONG! kiter sumbangkan seringgit sorang... demi kegemilangan pasukan Kejor Yeop Kejor!